Bisexual Females

They say that love makes the world go ‘round… well in the lifestyle, love has a name and thy name is single bisexual female.

Almost everybody in the lifestyle is seeking a bisexual female, and most married and committed women in the lifestyle are bisexual or bi-curious.

Think about it: Straight men want women, by definition. The only thing they want more than a woman is two women… or three or four, but you get the idea.

Well their wives, whomever they are, have had either bisexual experiences in the past or at least considered it a possibility for the future.

So when you get right down to it, the fantasy for almost everyone in the lifestyle, male or female, is more experiences with women.

Single bi-females are also rare, as you can imagine.

They’re so few and far between, in fact, they have a nickname ~ unicorns.

You know, like after the mythical creatures that everyone wants to believe in, but nobody’s ever seen?

Well bi-females aren’t quite that rare, but they’re more the exception than the rule.

Why? Because bisexual women don’t usually stay single for long, they usually and quickly become part of a swing couple.

An exception is SDC, there are still many bisexual females as members of SDC because they willingly choose to have non commital sexual experiences, see if there is a bisexual female for you join SDC.

A Personal Story from a bisexual female in the lifestyle:

How many bisexual females exist in the lifestyle? How many women really like women as much as they like men? I think that in one sentence I can answer this question: women dominate the lifestyle period point blank the end. If there is a women that fantasizes about another woman and mentions it to her husband/boyfriend then right away making this fantasy a reality becomes a number one priority in this man’s life and who can blame him? Now finding these bisexual women can be sort of hard but it is also hot and fun.

A long time ago in the land of closed minded people it was harder to find other bisexual women. To see women in a strip club was so taboo. Thank God times have changed and it’s a lot more accepted to be as open minded as you want to be. Now a days with the help of sites like and parties like the Bliss parties it has become very easy to be open with your sexuality. It has become a lot easier to find women that like woman. The definition of a bisexual female is: Relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of either sex. And, to see a woman with the same lust that she has for a man but for a woman is such a sexy, hot and erotic sight to see.

So how do you know if you truly are bisexual? Well I can tell you this by experience, you catch yourself watching a girl on girl porn and all of a sudden it seems like the hottest thing you have ever seen in your life. You almost feel like you discovered America, I mean that’s how it happened to me ok so I am watching this and just like when I first discovered masturbation it became a very sexy and overpowering guilty pleasure. Then the dreams came every night, they got hotter and hotter dreams about 1 woman then 2 then 3 no wonder men like women so much what isn’t there not to like? As a single girl with no boyfriend to run to, I confided in a friend and told her about these fantasies and she told me about these parties…. These parties dedicated to bisexual females and I was in shock thinking “wow there are more of us?” “More women out there that are bisexual too?” At the same time asking myself am I gay? Because all of a sudden women were so hot everywhere, not only in the movies I would watch, but in the mall, at the clubs. I couldn’t wait to see if these feelings were real or just some sort of mental stimulation I enjoyed in my bedroom all alone under my sheets.

The party took place in December and it had such a clever theme. It was a “ho ho ho” theme get it like Santa Claus? Ho Ho Ho double meaning with a special appearance by dirty Santa. Beforehand I visited a sex store (you know where strippers get their clothes) and I must say that dressing for these bisexual female parties is my favorite part of it all. It’s almost like you get to live out a fantasy you can dress up like anything: a stripper, a sexy cop, a naughty school girl. Even the most corporate Americans could let their hair down and take on the role of anything they wanted! Where else can you transform for the evening into someone who only lived in your wildest and sexiest fantasies! Who else gets to live this double sexually explicit life?  Besides people in the lifestyle or as they are called swingers.  

The day of the party arrives and when I get there my heart was beating like it was the first day of school all over again. I felt like a little girl with a school girl crush. But once through the door and with the help of a drink or two I felt so at home. I let loose and let myself enter this world of so much openness, sexuality and freedom. That is such a great word really, in the Lifestyle you are free to be who you want to be and have as much fun as you want to have. So in a sense let’s call it Disney land for adults. As I looked around it seemed like every beautiful women in the world had come to one place to kiss play and admirer each others beauty. Not really like a live porn but definitely and insight to all my hot steamy dreams come to life. It was heaven on earth and then I saw her, she came up to me, she had long black hair, she was wearing a short skirt and the most adorable Santa hat. We danced and I almost felt like a virgin all over again but just touching her was driving me wild, we kissed and the sensuality of her kiss was amazing. At that point I realized that yes I am a bisexual female because I still love men but being with a woman is so sensual, erotic and sexy. Let’s recap the definition of being bisexual: Relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of either sex. And well that’s exactly how to describe it.

Once the evening came to an end I walked away from this experience feeling sort of like I had discovered a whole new world a whole new way of being. I felt like I finally got the approval I was looking for. It’s ok to be a bisexual female and it’s ok to give into your fantasies I mean if you don’t make them come true then who will? It’s ok to make pretend you are someone else for an evening. It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok to be yourself. No one can judge you for being you. So, to conclude my amazing experience as I walked out the door I had to make sure to ask dirty Claus “So when’s the next party?” he answered with a smile; “Same place, every month different theme!” “You coming???” I said with all the confidence in the world; “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

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